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[audio]GUENIFI Soraya
Presentation Soraya Guenifi"Solidarity with the Cuban revolution : Reflections on the early New Left in the US (1959-1961)"
Keywords: Solidarity Cuban revolution; USA
Downloads: 1
[audio]Cuba resisting imperialism - Mike Treen
Talk given by Mike Treen at the Workers Party of New Zealand conference 'Marxism 2008' recorded May 31 in Auckland. The talk looks at the history of Cuba since the revolution and Cuba's place in the world today.
Keywords: cuba; fidel castro; cuban revolution; marxism; socialism
Downloads: 755
[audio]The Colonial Revolutions
John Pickard, former editor of the Militant newspaper, outlines the contributions made by Ted Grant in regards to the analysis of the revolutions that took place in the ex-colonial countries after the Second World War, including the revolutions in China and Cuba.
Keywords: colonial revolutions; cuban revolution; chinese revolution; marxism; ted grant
Downloads: 33
[image]Banknotes of Cuba - 1948 to 1960 - Herbert Hillary Booker 2nd - Tujunga, California - 2009
Banknotes of Cuba from 1948 to 1960 showing them for 1, 5, and 10 Peso notes with pictures of Jose Marti, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, and Maximo Gomez, Cuban heroes.
Keywords: Jose Marti; Carlos Manuel de Cespedes; Maximo Gomes; Cuban Revolution; Banknotes; 1959
Downloads: 63
[texts]Revolutionary Collectives by Martin Kraemer Liehn - Martin Kraemer Liehn, PhD
A tentative fanzine essay to provoke discussion on a forthcoming major study rewriting a global history of the Communist 3rd International (ComIntern) from working class perspective. The study probes the validity of agency-focussed approaches to understand social struggle for radical workplace democracy in the Russian Revolution 1917, after the Prague Uprising 1945 and in Cuban workshops 1959: a working class history of the future of ComIntern from below opening the debate on non-hetero-normativ...
Keywords: Comintern class war council comnunism Har'kov factory_comitees 1917 1945 1959 Cuban_Revolution Prague_Uprising
Downloads: 162
[audio]Booktown 12 May 2008 - Eric Tomb
Eric Tomb talks with Patrick Symmes, author of The Boys from Dolores: Fidel Castro's Schoolmates from Revolution to Exile and then with George Johnson, author of The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments.
Keywords: KVMR-FM book program; Booktown; books; Patrick Symmes; The Boys from Dolores; Fidel Castro; Cuba; Cuban Revolution; George Johnson; The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments
Downloads: 21
[movies]Imperial Amerika - The House is on Fire: Return of the Revolutionary - ras
Oh say can you see (you who display characteristics of see, hear and speak no evil indifference) in this the twilight zone dawning of the post 9/11 apocalyptic global environment of poverty, inequality and injustice and man's inhumanity to man where the rockets, bombs, torture, death and detentions are being daily visited on ordinary everyday third world peoples, mothers, fathers and babies on the altar of colonial and imperial expansionism and adventurism...
Keywords: amerika; imperial amerika; colonialism; imperialism; rise and fall of the amerikan empire; fascism; exploitation; capitalism; torture; abu ghraib; political prisoners; prisoners of war; revolution; revolutionary; insurrection; civil disobedience; demonstration; riot; hasta la victoria siempre; che guevara; cuban revolution; kennedy; nixon; bush; patria o muerte; free mumia abu jamal; free the cuba 5; free all political prisoners; free the land; a luta continua
Downloads: 2,075
[texts]Cuba at a Crossroads the New American Strategy - Daniel Bruno Sanz
Cuba at a Cross Roads, the New American Strategy is a highly detailed account of Cuban history, U.S.– Cuba relations and a polemic against the United States embargo on commerce with Cuba. Written by American author Daniel Bruno Sanz (aka Daniel Bruno) and published in 2009 by Booksurge, a division of Amazon, the book’s thesis is that external pressure to force change in Cuba has been harmful to Cuban people while not effecting its stated objective of regime change...
Keywords: U.S. Cuban policy; U.S. Policy on Cuba; Cuban Policy; Cuba Policy; U.S. Embargo; Embargo on Cuba; Embargo failed; Cuba; Policy; Cuba U.S. Relations; Cuban Economy; Cuban Economic; Castro; Castro Regime; Cuban Revolution; Khrushchev; Obama; el bloqueo; the blockade
Downloads: 261
[audio][January 01 2009] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: It Is The 50th Anniverary Of The Victory Of The Cuban Revolution... Still The Bellweather for Change In Latin America And The Caribbean Basin - Travus T. Hipp - Cabale News Service
In The News: Gaza Sitrep - It's the fifth day of Israeli Defense Forces softening up Palestinian Gaza for a full blown land invasion. Gaza is the most densely populated territory in the world and the civilian casualties are liable to be horrific. Former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and CNN Correspondent Karl Penhaul on a relief vessel out of Cyprus attempting to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza were repeatedly rammed by an Israeli patrol boat.....
Keywords: Travus T. Hipp; Cabale News Service; KPIG; Politics; News; Alternative News; U.S. Foreign Policy; U.S. Domestic Policy; Breaking Politics News; Realpolitik; Republican Family Values; Social Justice; Abu Muqawama; Bottled Water; California; Children; Children of War; Civilian Casualties; CNN; Consumer Law; Cuba; Cuban Revolution; Cynthia McKinney; Democrats; Gaza; Geneva Accord; Geneva Convention; Geneva Protocol; Human Rights; Human Rights Violation; Humanitarian Aid; Hurricane; IDF; Illinois; Iraqi Government; Israeli Defense Forces; Karl Penhaul; Military Contractors; Palestinian; Roland Burris; Status Of Forces Agreement; War Crime
Downloads: 63
[audio][February 19 2008] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: What Do Cuba, Las Vegas, Rum-Runners, And "Industrial Prostitution" Have In Common? Honoring The Hero Of The Cuban Revolution... A Brief But 'Hipp' Anti-Imperial History Of Cuba - Travus T. Hipp - Cabale News Service
In The News: Fidel Castro steps down as president of Cuba. The Cuban parliament (Yes, Cuba has a parliament, but you wouldn't know that by perusing the US media), already in session, may decide on a new leader of Cuba in the next week or so. Sitrep. Pakistan's parliamentary election shows a large turnout and the opposition parties seem set to take what governmental powers still exist. Where IS the beef? 143 MILLION pounds of contaminated beef from one meat packer in Chino California...
Keywords: Travus T. Hipp; Cabale News Service; KPIG; Politics; News; Alternative News; U.S. Foreign Policy; U.S. Domestic Policy; Breaking Politics News; Realpolitik; Republican Family Values; Social Justice; '08 Elections; Agriculture; Agro-Industrial Complex; Al Qaeda; Albania; American History; American Interests; American Labor; American Military Occupation; American Occupation; Amoral; Anti-Imperial; Arab Muslims; Armed Militia; Arms Smuggling; Arms Trader; Authoritarian; Authoritarian State; Baghdad; Balkan; Balkanised Iraq; Barack Obama; Bill Clinton; Black Ops; Blockade; Body Bags; Body Count; Bosnia; Bush Administration; Bush Family Ranch; Bush War; BushCo; BushWar; Casualty Count; Central Asia; China; CIA Operations; Clandestine Planning; Class Struggle; Class War; Clinton Administration; Cold War; Colonial; Communism; Contaminated Beef; Corporatism; Corrupt; Corruption; Cost Of War; Covert Operations; Criminal Syndicate; Cuba; Cuban parliament; Cuban Revolution; Dallas Police Department; Dead American Soldiers; Dead Soldiers; Dead U.S. Soldier; Declassified Documents; Democracy Promotion; Democrat; Democratic Apparatchik; Democratic Candidate; Democratic Caucus; Democratic Presidential Debate; Democratic Primary; Department Of Homeland Insecurity; Department of State; Despotism; Destabilization; Diplomacy; Disabled; Disease; Disease Vector; Drug Wars; Drugs; Economic Blockade; Economic War; Economics; Elderly; Election; Endless War; Ethnic Cleansing; Ethnocide; Europe; Failed State; False Flag; False Flag Operation; Faux News; FauxNews; Federal Food Program; Fidel Castro; Food Contamination; Food Safety; Foreign Fighter; Freedom Agenda; George W. Bush; Global Empire; Global Hegemony; Global War on Terror; GOP Presidential Candidate; Government Accountability; Government Corruption; Government Destabilization; Government Disinformation; Government Food Program; Government Pantry; GWOT; Hamburger; Hawaii Caucus; Health and Safety; Health and Wellness; Health Hazard; Health Risk; Health-Related; Hillary Clinton; Hired Gun; Homeland Insecurity; Hypocrisy; Hypocrite; Idealism; Ideology; Illegal Invasion; Illnesss; Imperial Rule; Imperialism; Imperialist; In n' Out Burger; Industrial Prostitution; International Diplomacy; International Politics; Intertribal War; Invasion of Iraq; Iraq; Iraq War; Islamic Jihad; Islamic Militancy; Islamophobia; Jack In The Box; Jack Ruby; JFK Assassination; John F. Kennedy; John McCain; KLA; Kosovo; Kosovo Liberation Army; Las Vegas; Latin America; Lee Harvey Oswald; Low Income; Low Income Children; Macedonia; Mafia; Mass Media; Media; Media Concentration; Media Coverage; Media Disinformation; Media Spin; Mercenaries; mercenary army; Middle East; Militarism; Military-Industrial Complex; Mujahideen; Musharraf; Narcotics; Narcotics Trade; Nation Building; National Insecurity; National Sovereignty; NATO; New World Order; New World Police State; Occupation Army; Osama bin Laden; Osama bin-Laden; Overseas Aid; Pacification; Pakistan; Paramilitary; paramilitary army; Paramilitary Contractors; Paramilitary Troops; Pentagon; Poor; Poverty; Power Elite; Preemptive History; Pre-emptive History; Presidential Candidate; Presidential Debate; Presidential Election; Presidential History; Presidential Primary; Presidential Race; Primary Election; Private Army; Processed Food; Project Censored; Prostitution; Proxy Army; Proxy War; Public Health; Public Health and Safety; Public Service; Public Service Message; Regional War; Repressive Government; Republican Apparatchik; Republican Caucus; Republican Presidential Debate; Republican Presidential Nominee; Republican Primary; Resource Wars; Rum-Runners; Russia; School Lunch Program; Senior Citizen; Serbia; Skull and Bones; Social Justice; Socialism; Socioeconomic; State Department; State Terror; Terrorism; Terrorist; Totalitarian; Totalitarian State; Toxic Food; U.S. Casualty Count; U.S. Diplomacy; U.S. Elections; U.S. Forces in Iraq; U.S. Government; U.S. Government Bureaucracy; U.S. Government Corruption; U.S. Government Disinformation; U.S. History; U.S. Intelligence; U.S. Interests; U.S. Military; U.S. Soldiers; US Government; US Media; US State Department; USDA Food Program; Voting; War On Drugs; War On Terror; War Pigs
Downloads: 332
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